Friday, August 17, 2012

Duckie and the Beanstalk: Finale!

DON'T CRY PRINCESS! IT'S OK, REALLY! I KINDA LIKE BEING TALLER - I CAN SEE MORE FROM HERE! Ducklin was sincere in his words. As an adventurer this opened a lot more possibilities for him - and he was a lot less likely to get eaten while he was out and about!
The princess lifted her head and looked at her subject. Slowly she began to grin. If you ever come back down to the castle, I have just the task for you, too!
Tynee and Ducklin both looked at her in question.
Nope, not saying. Lets just leave it that there is something I think you would be uniquely suited for.  Her smile grew as she began plotting in her mind. I think you will be happy here - and maybe we will come back for a visit as well! Just don't try on any more strange clothing!
The trio's laughter filled the hall and the others joined in. Everything was ok again in Dori's realm - at least for now...


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